IBM Rational DOORS DXL Utilities

Dynamic Linked Cells v1.2 - 17 October 2006
Dynamically reference data with linked DOORS table cells.
Parse Login History v1.0 - 08 August 2006
Parse DOORS 'login_history.txt' file and show last login for each user
History v1.1.2 - 05 December 2005
Show all history records for an object (including baselines)
Enhanced Export to Excel v2.3.1 - 07 December 2019
Exports the contents of a DOORS Module to Excel
Copy Views v1.4.3 - 13 October 2002
Copies View Properties between DOORS Modules
Normalize Rich Text Markup v1.0.1 - 20 June 2004
Removes embedded font markup problems that were suppressed in DOORS v5 and seen in DOORS v6
Delete Persistent Triggers v2.2.1 - 19 January 2004
Displays and deletes persistent Trigger in a DOORS database
Export User List v1.7.2 - 19 November 2004
Exports DOORS User List information to Excel
Build Hierarchy v2.2 - 30 September 2003
Builds DOORS Module Hierarchy from imported file (spreadsheets, etc.)
Module Favorites v3.0.1 - 08 December 2002
Create Bookmarks for Modules within the DOORS Explorer Hierarchy
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